Stalwart Naval Innovation, LLC

Neil Tolley, CEONeil Tolley, CEO: Green Beret-Rocket Scientist
Brigadier General, US Army (Retired) has held leadership positions throughout the Special Operations Community as a Green Beret. Neil deployed to serve as the Commander of the Special Operations Command and Control Element on the Horn of Africa. He culminated his military service as the Commanding General of the Special Operations Command–Korea. He simultaneously worked in industry with Lockheed Martin for ten years manufacturing and launching thirteen commercial communications satellites.

Graduated from West Point with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Mechanics. He earned two master’s degrees, one from the US Army War College in Strategic Studies, and one from Touro University International in Emergency and Disaster Management.

John EnrothJohn Enroth, CIDO: Ocean Captain-Multi Entrepreneur
As Sea Captain and a skilled Fast Boat Operator, John has been involved in multiple projects and operations in the Anti-Piracy and Maritime Security sector, mainly in the Gulf of Aden and the Horn of Africa. As a Multi Entrepreneur, John has started many business ventures in several sectors including Maritime Services, Intelligence and Surveillance, Electrical Engineering and installations, Project Management and more.

John holds Licenses and Certificates for Ocean Captain, Fast Boat Operator, Yachtmaster VIII, Engineman VIII, (National). Electrician, Marine Electronics and Welding.